Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts would like your support to help in our licensing effort.  Licensing would allow ND’s to provide the depth of health care that they are trained to give, providing you better service and more treatment options. Most importantly, it would protect the health care consumer by preventing untrained people from calling themselves naturopathic doctors. (Click here to join our legislative supporters.)

What it takes to get licensed:
Naturopathic Doctors, while practicing in Massachusetts since at least the late 1970’s, remain unlicensed in this state. That may be a surprise to some. Licensing is a function of the state legislature. A law has to be passed to allow a profession to be licensed. Though we have been trying since 1995 to pass a licensing law we have not yet been successful.

What is keeping us from licensure?
Our main opposition is the Massachusetts Medical Society. They have a lot of money and clout. We have neither. But we have you, the health care consumer interested in quality natural medicine. Our many supporters have lobbied, called and written emails and letters on our behalf. Their efforts have enabled us to move forward every year and inch closer and closer to our goal. In the legislative session that ended in 2006 our bill successfully passed the House of Representatives but got stalled before the Senate had a chance to vote on our legislation. The reverse happened in 2008, where the Senate passed the bill but the House did not vote on it. We are hoping, with your help, to put it all together this session and get our bill to the governor’s desk for his signature. (Click here to join our legislative supporters.)
(Click here to see a copy of our proposed legislation – link to the state website).

We can do it with your help.
It takes time, money, energy and a lot of hard work to get a law passed. You can be part of this process by making a donation, becoming a member and/or joining our support network. With your help we can get it done!
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