Greetings to all MSND members,

Licensure Update:

As many know our Bill for licensure was signed into law by Governor Charlie Baker, January of 2017. Since then we have created a governing board, the governor approved 5 members to sit on the board, and we have written the Rules and Regulations which are now under review. It may seem hard to believe, but we are making good time with this process. The making and regulation of a new law takes time … lots of time.

In regards to our scope of practice – once the Rules and Regulations have been finalized and approved by the Registration Board, the Department of Public Health will begin to issue licenses. We won’t have specific details about the scope of practice until the final approval by the Rules and Regulation Committee.



Allison Willette RN ND
President Massachusetts Society Naturopathic Doctors
MA Representative for AANP House of Delegates