Name: Amy Rothenberg
Degrees: N.D.
Naturopathic School: National College of Naturopathic Medicine
Graduation Year: 1986
License State: CT  , License #: 115

Practice Name: Naturopathic Health Care
Job Title: Naturopathic Physician
Services/Treatments Offered: General naturopathic medicine practice treating all age patients with all manner of complaints. Using therapeutic nutrition though diet and supplements, botanical medicine, homeopathy, the exercise prescription and mindfulness meditation.
Area of Expertise: Blood, Heart and Circulation, Bones, Joints and Muscles, Digestive System, Ear, Nose and Throat, Immune System, Lungs and Breathing, Mouth and Teeth, Skin, Hair and Nails
Patient Age Group: Adult, Elder, Gradeschooler, Infant, Preschooler, Teenager, Toddler
Health Conditions Treated: Allergies, Anxiety / Panic Disorder, Arthritis, Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Celiac Disease, Cholesterol Abnormalities, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Dementia / Alzheimer's, Depression, Diabetes, Eye Diseases, Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal Problems, Headaches, High Blood Pressure, Infectious Diseases, Infertility, Insomnia, Liver Diseases, Lung / Respiratory Diseases, Menopause / Perimenopause, Mental Disorders, Metabolic Syndrome, Muscle Problems, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Obesity / Weight Management, Osteoporosis / Osteopenia, Senior Health, Sexual Dysfunction, Skin Problems, Thyroid Disorders, Women's Health, Yeast Infections
Therapeutic Modalities: Detoxification, Functional medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Meditation, Nutritional supplements
Resume Document: CV Resume

Practice Description:

Dr. Amy Rothenberg graduated from Antioch College with a degree in Biology. She holds a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine; Portland, Oregon 1986 and was Board Certified in Homeopathy in 1989. She has been in private practice since graduating.

In her practice Dr. Rothenberg takes ample time to understand her patient’s ailments and how those ailments impact the rest of their lives. She is interested in the whole person: body, mind and spirit. She uses all the modern medical diagnostic approaches to help arrive at an accurate understanding of a patient’s issues and takes time to understand the stressors that impact her patients’ lives.

Then alongside lifestyle modification recommendations, Dr. Rothenberg will utilize therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, mindfulness and exercise alongside homeopathic remedies in order to arrive at a patient plan that aims to restore health and improve vitality. Though many of her patients suffer with chronic ailments, she is also happy to work with those who have acute problems.

Payment Methods: Cash, check, credit card


Address: 115 Elm Street, Enfield, CT, United States
Tel: (860) 763-1225

Fax: 860-253-5041