I sought Dr. Amanda Tracy’s professional advice in 2009 when my son’s allergies/asthma weren’t controlled with 5 prescriptions. She worked with me to boost his immune system naturally, while advising me to keep him on the medications. One year later, he was off all medications and simply taking natural supplements. I appreciated her natural approach to boosting the body’s own defenses, while recognizing that western medicines do have a place. In 2010, I sought her advice again. My son had been exhibiting a lack of focus that was interfering with his school work and life in general. His teacher recommended ADHD drugs; his doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. After some bloodwork, Dr. Tracy recommended some food substitutions. She said his body wasn’t tolerating certain foods. Within 2 months of changing his diet, it was as if my son woke up. He is now focused and much healthier. I whole-hearted recommend Dr. Amanda Tracy. She takes the time to listen, to respect your medical journey, and provide natural solutions for your body.