I saw many doctors with my 4-year-old boy. He suffered from asthma, food allergies and digestive problems. When we saw Dr. Tracy he had lost 6 pounds, suffered strong stomach pain after each food intake, constant ear infections, lack of appetite and abnormal weight loss. He was facing a colon biopsy, colonoscopy, ultrasounds, and more at such a short age! I was very scared. After 3 months under her care, without any invasive treatment, he has gained 8 pounds, he is completely off the inhaler, he is eating with not even one episode of stomachache. He is finally a healthy child! Dr. Tracy knew exactly what was happening and how to address it, and was very clear explaining everything to me, his new diet, medications, supplements, etc. I totally support the power of healing through nutrition and witness the miracle of the body’s self healing everyday, thanks to her knowledge!