Happy New Year Massachusetts NDs
With our noses defrosting from a post-holiday cold snap – we are gracefully moving into the new year of 2018. May we all be safe, healthy, profitable and kind.

Updates for these last few months …

Our governing board keeps plugging away at our license – writing the rules and regulations. We are hoping for a license activation for the fall of 2018. This is later than we had expected, but we are finding that time moves at a different rate when negotiating legal language and creating a brand spankin’ new law! I remind myself that we are making history! Very exciting.

I would like to encourage all members and especially new doctors, to use this time before our license is activated to get businesses set up, update websites, ensure the profile page on this website is how you would like it, and prepare your practice for a new way of working in Massachusetts – working with a license. I’m excited to hit the ground running!

New memberships and renewing memberships to MSND are now underway. The new MSND website is looking great and is continually improving. Please contact us here at MSND if you have any questions or issues with your profile page! Membership renewals can be made directly on the website, but may also be mailed to Dr. Lisa Arnold as well – look at the membership page if you need Dr. Arnold’s mailing address.

Thanks must be sent out to Laila Tomsovic for all her time and energy in managing our MSND Facebook page. Laila has stepped down and our past president Amy Rothenberg has taken up the role of Facebook connector. Thanks Amy! To keep our Facebook page current, compelling and relevant PLEASE send Amy your news, links to your blogposts, links to pieces you’ve published, links to your professional newsletters, info on upcoming classes you’re teaching, or other interesting tidbits on your professional life. Pictures too! You can send any and all these items to Amy at [email protected]. Building up our FB page will benefit all our practices and our profession.

New Hampshire November conference
It was great seeing so many of you at the NHAND conference – thank you to those who sat at the MSND table mingling with our fellow NDs, sharing Rosy Riveter buttons and lots of good will. Much appreciated!

Stay tuned for updates – enjoy this time of newness in our early days of 2018

Allison Willette RN ND
MSND President