On January 11, 2017, Governor Charlie Baker signed a Naturopathic Medicine Bill into Law. The law went into effect on 9/1/17, meaning after that date the politically appointed board who will be governing our license, would be allowed to meet for the first time.

Our board is made up of two NDs, one MD, one member of the public and one clinical pharmacologist. The board will take up a review of the rules and regulations in the coming months. This means the board combs through the law line by line interpreting the law into the rules and regulations which will then govern our license. Once accepted, approved and passed through various state committees, we will have an active license.
It is our hope that our license will be available for application sometime in the summer of 2018.

A big thank you to MSND members, Ann Francis Hardy ND and Paul Herscu ND, MPH who were selected to serve on the ND licensure Board.
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Link to Boston Globe article: Naturopathic Medicine is Good for Massachusetts!
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